Race Day

Our first race of the year will be held on Friday and Saturday November 11th and 12th at Jemison High School (Google Maps Link). Due to Friday the 11th being a holiday we are able to offer some new features for race weekend. First, all presentation times will now start at noon on Friday. This opens up the schedule for more time slots options for your team. We will also be housing all presentations in the auditorium there at Jemison. This will allow all teams and parents to view the student presentations. As before, all presentation times will be assigned by your choice and then by registration time. This should encourage all teams to register as soon as possible.  

The second opportunity we are excited to offer is a “Test & Tune” session on Friday night from 5:00PM – 9:00 PM . This will allow all teams to get their car on the track before race day. This is not a mandatory event and will not be scored. It is simply a test session that has been requested by many teams in the past. Participating teams are not required to use all of the allotted time and may come and go as they please.

One major rule change that will be instituted at the Jaguar Classic will be that teams will now drive under power to their pit stall and back onto the track. Please carefully read and brief your team on regulation R3 in the attached Technical Specifications and Regulations Handbook. We are also working to provide more instructional materials on this new pitting procedure.

To register your team for the race please click on the following link: Jaguar Classic Registration Please register your team as soon as possible. Also, be sure to save the link that is generated at the end of the registration form. This will come in handy if you need to go back and change any team information later. I have also attached the race map which includes the race weekend schedule.

If you would like to help by volunteering at this event click here

If you have any questions about this event feel free to reach us by email (info@greenpowerusa.net) or by phone (256-975-1977).