Event Detail

GreenpowerUSA/Electrathon Race

Monday, May 8, 2017
Annual race at Barber Motorsports Park

Joint race at Barber Motorsports Park with Electrathon USA. 

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Race Schedule

7:15               Gates Open

ü  All team members and spectators fill out Release of Liability (Zoom Motor Sports)

ü  Provide proof Electrathon Registration

ü  Teams are issued a pit # location

7:30 - 9:00      Registration/Vehicle Inspection

ü  Inspections will be conducted by Alabama Power

ü  Inspections will take place in the pit area

8:00 - 9:00      Teams visit electric/hybrid car show           (Parking Lot)  

ü  Car show will be open all day

9:00                 Drivers/Supervisors Meeting            Orientation

ü  Rules

o   No students/team members allowed on track or infield

o   Alabama Power will retrieve all disabled cars and return them to pits

o   Cars that do not make a complete lap under their own power will not be counted. Towed in is not under their own power.

o   Etc.

ü  Track Tour

9:30                 All teams report to starting line

9:50                 Presentation of Colors (Thompson High School’s Color Guard)    

                         National Anthem (Thompson High School’s Marching Band)       


10:10               Race #1 Begins

11:10               Race #1 Electrathon Complete

11:40              Race #1 Green Power Complete

11:30               Lunch                                 

ü  All participants are requested to purchase a lunch from the vendor

ü  Lunch provided at no cost by Alabama Power

11:50               Guest Speaker

§  Dr. Jennifer Languel “Star Discovery Chanel, Project Earth” 

§  Award Ceremony (SKY)

  •          Presidential Volunteer Service Award
  •          Teams visit electric/hybrid car show

1:00                 Teams report to starting line for race #2

1:30                 Race # 2 Begins

2:30                 Race # 2  Electrathon Ends

3:00                 Race # 2 Green Power Ends

3:30                 Awards

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