Portfolio Award

The best presented Portfolio by teams extend to both F24 and F24+ categories. They can take any format, however we do ask that they can be displayed clearly.

The Portfolio Award has been launched to give us a much better insight into how much work teams have been putting into their cars on a season by season basis, and how much they have been learning through the project.

The Portfolio is the ideal platform to show us if your car is a new car, explaining the design and build process. How much development work the team have carried out, or if you are racing an older car while a new one is being built show us how the new build is progressing.

Don’t forget, we want to see the teamwork, the entrepreneurship, artwork, leadership and ANY other aspect of the way your team runs.

Use photographs, copies of letters to sponsors (even if they are not successful), lesson plans, team data, achievements and targets.

Then make sure you produce the portfolio in a way that will be easy to judge. If there is video content keep it brief, if it is on tablet make sure your tablet is charged and available for our judges. If it is on CD, DVD or memory stick, make sure it is in a Microsoft Office package that we can access on the day. We are also happy to see the portfolio in analogue forms – books, folders, noticeboard style presentation. Basically, as long as we can view it at the event we will welcome it!

The portfolio award has been very successful and it is a really useful addition to the children’s experience when taking part in the Greenpower challenge! It has therefore been decided that it should be a more important part of the experience and hopefully more teams will create a portfolio to support the project they had taken on! The portfolios will now be available for the public to see at events, so everyone can get a real feel for the project and see how each school takes the project on board.

Portfolios will need to be handed in at the start of an event and will be judged on the day. A portfolio that wins at an event cannot win again at a different event that year. At the end of the event portfolios can be collected from race admin.

The Best Presented Team Award

This award is about the whole team. Your presentation on the day; teamwork, your car, and also your overall approach to the team’s image. Have you created a logo for the team? Is there a story behind the team name? How has this helped with your attempts to secure PR and sponsorship?

The Spirit of Greenpower Award

This award in many ways is the essence of Greenpower. It ties together the teamwork, leadership, organization, performance and all the other elements that go into Greenpower teams. Over the years the winners have displayed incredible determination, fantastic solidarity with other teams helping out where possible, and the ‘never say die’ attitude keeping their car running in all circumstances.

F24 and F24+ Awards

A variety of awards are presented at Greenpower events. The following includes descriptions of some of the awards that may be presented at regional and national events.