Goblin Awards

A variety of awards are presented at Greenpower Goblin events. The following includes descriptions of some of the awards that may be presented at the regional and national events.


Best Bodywork

The bodywork shows imagination and character and is created by the students themselves. Obviously a lot of time has gone into not only the design but also the construction. Good use of materials either recycled or new. Shows use of different manufacturing techniques and good attention to detail. Bodywork can draw ideas from other areas such as cartoons, or can be a completely new design. Interest in the bodywork shown by other teams/public can also be taken into account.

Greenest Bodywork

The bodywork shows obvious use of recycled materials of any sort. Utmost effort has been made by the team to make the bodywork as eco-friendly as possible. Talking to the team to gain additional information about their bodywork and where it came from/how they think it is green may be beneficial. Other details given by team members about steps to make the team greener can also be taken into account.


Spirit of Greenpower

This is the team that looks, sounds, and works like a team! They take pride in their appearance, are polite and helpful, and work well together when changing drivers or moving the car between events. Students represent their school and team at the ultimate level.

Best Presented Team

The team are well dressed in suitable clothes. Items of clothing are coordinated and/or complimentary with each other. As a team they work well together and they conduct themselves with sportsmanship. Their pit area is orderly, safe and well looked after.