Greenpower at IMS

Dear Educator,

Thank you for your interest in next year’s Greenpower driven by SCCA’s race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  We are excited to announce that GreenpowerUSA in collaboration with Indy Car, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and SCCA will be running at this historic track in May 2017. As part of this race middle and high school teams will be selected to design, build, and race a Formula 24 level electric kit car.   

Interested in taking part of the race?  Please complete the application below.  If you have questions, contact us at

Important Facts to Know:

  • Teams will have the Spring 2017 semester to assemble , test, and fine tune their car. 
  • Teams will be allowed to stage at the track on Sunday April 30th, and will have a full day of racing avtivities on Monday May 1st.
  • A minimum of 10 team members is recommended in order to adequately fulfill all necessary team responsibilities.
  • Each team will be required to obtain a F24 Kit from GreenpowerUSA. Current F24 teams can also apply. Cost of the kit is $4,995 and includes class room curriculum, assembly instructions, and Siemens CAD software – Solid Edge.

  • Each team will be responsible for travel costs and acommodations.

  • F24 Kits can be purchased through the GreenpowerUSA website for $4,995.

To learn more about what Greenpower can offer your school and students visit the media section of our wesbite at .

To submit your team's application fill out the form below.