F24 Race Format

A Greenpower USA sanctioned F24 event must have the following components:

  1. Presentation Component
  2. A minimum of one 90-minute Race Heat for all participants*

*Refer to Rule S4.1 in the F24 Rules and Regulations document for other circumstances.

Race Event Descriptions

  • The Presentation Component will be completed prior to the race date. All teams will be given a rubric with the information on how to complete their presentation. Some forms of presentations include PowerPoint / Google Slide submissions, Video submissions, or live presentations. The total amount of possible points received for a presentation cannot exceed 100 points.
  • Each team will complete at least one 90-minute Race Heat. Refer to Section S4 - Race Format in the F24 Rules and Regulations for additional race information. 

Event Scoring

The total amount of possible points for a sanctioned Greenpower USA F24 event cannot exceed 200 points. The breakdown for scoring will be:

  • Presentation Component - not to exceed 100 points
  • Lap Completion Score (Race Score) - This score will be determined by finding the percentage of laps completed by each team compared to the First Place team's lap count. For example, if the First Place team (Team A) completes 50 laps and another team (Team B) completes 40 laps, Team B will be awarded 80 out of 100 possible points.  

The Event Score will be the percentage of received points by total possible points. 

Declaring a National Championship

The season F24 National Championships for each category will be declared by totaling the best five (5) event scores from the race season. The team with the highest season total (based of the best five event scores) will be declared the National Champion in their category for the race season.